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My Snazzy List of Links

My home page: I like everything and stamps
DeereJohns homepage: he likes equipment and stamps
Janes home page: she likes animals and stamps


Here again are a few of my stamps, I have over 1,300 designs that I am making at this time many are from old antique printers dies, some especially the covered bridges and the lighthouses are ones that I have drawn. I also have some that I have used copyright free artwork for. The designes are always changing. I also make name and address stamps and other sayings and word type stamps for people.Lots of 1st names too. I believe that the Possibilities are endless!! there are so many things to make stamps for and so many things that you can make stamps off. Any one who is also interested in stamps either as a maker , designer , collector, or user and would like to communicaste with me I will try to answer your letters. I always like to get others ideas and feedback. So don't be shy. Keep looking I will have more pages linked all the time, So many ideas so little time.!!!!!!

Sue Scott
PO Box 175
Foster, OR 97345
United States